Smoked Fish on Cucumber/Raw Cheddar and Tomato Snack

Smoked Fish on Cucumber/Raw Cheddar Tomato Snack

That's kind of a long title for a snack huh?
Oh well. I don't know what else to call it! 🙂

Did you know this is my first every REAL post on Ancient Wisdom website?!
I was trying to figure out some kind of real good first post...something moving or stirring or thought provoking...nah...all you get is yesterday's snack recipe. I just want to get this site going ya know? Easy is always better. Mostly.

Shall we get on to the snacky snack?

I made this in like five minutes yesterday right before I went to pick my kid up from school.
I wanted something yummy that was salty. And I'm trying to stay away from chips and crap like that. I didn't have any chips anyway.

But I did have a slightly over-ripe cucumber, some wrinkled tomatoes, raw cheddar cheese and deboned white fish. Is deboned even a word? Cause spell check is highlighting it but not producing any kind of suggestion. Sounds a bit dirty. *gasp* "Is that the kind of website this is going to be?"... I swear I can hear someone saying that.

I'm not particularly filthy minded...although I do like to swear. I promise to try and not use too many swears. I said I would TRY. That's all.

On to the fish snacky snack.

  • Cucumber
  • Smoked fish (I am sure any kind would work great)
  • Baby tomatoes
  • Raw cheese (or not raw if you can't find any)

I peeled the cucumber because I always get the skin stuck in my throat...and because it's impossible to chew...and it's usually soaked in some kind of wax that I can't get off no matter how hard I try. I sliced the cucumber about 1/4 inch thick.  I sliced the cheese a little thinner than the cucumber and slapped it on top. Then the smoked fish, slapped that on top. And finally added slices of those yummy baby tomatoes that are like 6$ for a tiny container. Done!

It was so good!

I had a little plate full before I left for school pick up and it got me all the way to dinner.

If you try it, comment and let me know how you liked it!

Stick around for more yummy stuff like this.