Health.  Consciousness.  Well-being.  That's what Ancient Wisdom is all about.

I like to explore my creativity and I need  a place to put all of it.

I want to share what's helped me as I've made my way through nearly 4 decades of life on planet earth.  There is so much inside of me. So much I've learned. So much that I know I have yet to learn. It makes me feel good to be helpful so if anything I have experienced can help someone on their own journey, that's what I'm after.

I've had a number of blogs, a few Facebook pages and none of them really felt...right. Ya know? And then, I started making a few YouTube videos and it was really fun...still not the whole scope of where I wanted to go. I have had the registered business name "Ancient Wisdom" for a number of years and have been making herbal products, personal care items, hand bags, purses, coins pouches and other art forms to sell...mainly to family and friends, Etsy, farmer's market type venues and a local shop in my home town.

But I still felt kind of like I didn't know what to do with all this creativity and knowledge busting out of my seams, I needed a better outlet.  I needed more of a focus. It finally dawned on me that I could put all my interests in one place on my own website and have full creative control over everything I did.

And so, the Ancient Wisdom site was born.

Ancient Wisdom is all about helping people to find their own wisdom...because it will be different for everyone. There are so many options for well-being out there, I want Ancient Wisdom to be a place where a person can come and find a path that is right for them, or help them on their journey to find a path I may not even know of. Ancient Wisdom is all about exploring the options and doing what feels best for each individual.

A Little About Me

I was formally trained at The School of Natural Healing where I had extensive education in helping the body heal with food and herbs. I have also taken the "Save Your life Course" by Dr. Richard Schulze. Since 2009 I have been studying natural health and well-being on my own and dabbling a little in science of the mind.  My independent research never ends because it is something I enjoy immensely. I'm not a doctor or nurse, nutritionist or scientist, so any information I supply here is just that, information. I believe in science, but I also believe in people. Which means, a person can spend their entire life comparing studies and find that no matter where they go there will always be another study to debunk the last one and a doctor or scientist who disagrees with another. Yet, there are real human beings doing tangible things that help their body heal or change their life and many times these "anecdotal" stories get ignored because they can't be "proven".  But the thing is, just because science can't prove something, doesn't mean it's not real.  If no one ever tried anything new, we wouldn't have science to begin with.

Aside from my work on this website and blog, I am a mother to an amazing, caring boy who has become one of my greatest teachers. He has helped me grow and question things in ways that I can't fully grasp yet. I am a partner in life to a man who encourages me to be the person I really want to be, an accepting, loving man who makes me feels like I am the Goddess of the earth.

I live a small town life, in a place where winter lasts 6 months, your personal stories are no longer personal and necks are redder than a hot ember in a wood burning furnace.  It's quiet and relatively safe here (who wants to be an active criminal when it's -20 degrees?). I know my kid's friend's parents, most faces are easily recognizable and if you need to find someone, you don't have to go far.

There are so many things that I enjoy doing and I am always trying something new...sewing, designing, crafting, painting, drawing, studying, reading, being home alone in the quiet, hanging out with my little family of three, being in the woods (when the bugs are minimal!!!)...I had a sizable garden for years which I lost interest in and gave up in 2017...up-cycling furniture is a new hobby I've taken up in the last few years...I work out and lift weights...tried yoga but just can't seem to get it...I meditate and I love the sunshine.

While I've only seen a little bit of the earth in person and I am not very socially involved, I've had my fair share of internal adventures and struggles. Alcohol, anxiety, depression and drugs being a few of them. I grew up in a very suppressive religious setting. I was bullied as a child in school and I learned to hate myself. I've had to completely deconstruct my inner workings and rebuild from ashes up in order to heal after having a complete mental/anxiety stricken breakdown that left me hardly able to care for myself or my family. The journey was so rough sometimes I wanted to die. But I'm here. I am still building on this never ending journey and it's beautiful, not always easy, sometimes painful...but so good. So rich with newness and I'm so glad I stuck around for it. My body and my mind feel better than ever and I am excited for whatever life has for me.

I hope you join me on my journey!