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A Note From April

New information is presented to the public by the science/medical community daily, based on the latest research and understanding of the author who published the information. It is impossible to keep up on every angle of science. Keep this in mind while reading.

Not only that, opinions change all the time as we grow and understand more and more, and no one's life is exactly like another's, nor is their perspective.   

It would be unwise to make assumptions about the owner of this website/blog, most of you do not know me, have never met me in person and cannot possibly fathom what it is like to be me.  Drawing conclusions about me based on only what you read here would be like reading magazines and thinking you know Oprah personally.

I may update old posts with new information at any time and am under no obligation to let my readers know...though I will try and remember to do so because it is important to me to provide the most up to date information that I come across. If you feel you have more up to date info than what I provide, or if you have ideas that you think I may like to include, please fill out the contact form by clicking "Contact" in the menu bar under "Home". OR - you can post your information in a comment below a post so all readers have a chance to get a new perspective.  

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